What sets Indigo apart from any other yacht delivery agency?  
Most delivery skippers are employed by a yacht delivery agency. The skipper then has to find a 1st mate and a crew member to undertake the voyage.  Most of the times he finds these sailors in the local pub or the yacht club bar.  Not hard to guess that 3 strangers, crossing an ocean together is nothing more than a recipe for disaster. It is a well-known fact in the industry that most deliveries go wrong because of crew problems.
Indigo offers a very personalised service for the delivery of your yacht.  We do not employ any other skipper or crew, but sail ALL the deliveries ourselves. Because of that we can also deliver your yacht at a very competitive fee as you are not dealing with an agency or other 'middle-man', as  is most of the time the case.  From the first time you contact Indigo you deal straight-away with the people that might deliver your yacht, and that's how it should be!

Does Indigo ever take extra crew?

It depends.  We normally sail all the deliveries just the two of us.  Sometimes the owner joins us onboard - most welcome!  Sometimes your insurance will insist on a 3rd crew member.

What are the different stages of a yacht delivery?

  1. First you have to contact us! There's different ways to contact Indigo Yacht Management  The easiest way is to fill in the quotation form on the website.  But you can also directly chat to us, Skype us or phone us.  You can even write us a letter! 
  2. We will then email you a detailed proposal, stating what is and what is not included in the price.
  3. When we agree, you will be provided with a contract confirming all Indigo's services to deliver your yacht.  Both parties sign the contract. 
  4. We will either request a 10% deposit - if the delivery is ordered a long time in advance - or a 50% deposit if its short notice.  You can pay us in South Africa or Europe in any currency you wish.  Yes, we are very flexible. 
  5. Indigo will require some paperwork from you (registration, etc...).  We'll prepare all other paperwork needed for the voyage.
  6. If necessary we will organise our air tickets to get to your yachts location.  We always try to get the cheapest flight(s) possible and for this we often work with a maritime travel agency specialising in one way fares (www.flygmt.com).
  7. We will be on your yacht on the pre-arranged date. We can meet you on your yacht, but this is of course, not a must.
  8. We prepare the yacht for the voyage: pre-departure survey, packing, provisioning, maintenance. 
  9. We leave for the actual delivery voyage when the right weather window occurs.
  10. You will be informed of our position either via phone, email, SMS and you can follow our progress via our tracking system.  You will be able to track you yacht any time you want via Google Earth.  Yes, that's pretty nifty!
  11. When we arrive at the destination port, your yacht will be thoroughly cleaned and checked. We will try to make sure that she is in better condition than when she left!
  12. We will mail you the last invoice for the outstanding amount.  
  13. Your yacht will be handed over to you, together with our survey report and logbook. 
What happens with unforeseen costs that occur during the voyage?
It depends.  Sometimes Indigo pays for them and will invoice you accordingly.  Other times the owner gives us cash for unanticipated expenses during the voyage.  Indigo keeps a very open accounting system during the delivery.  We work with Google excel and will share that document at all times with you.  
Indigo does not get involved with costs associated with getting your yacht through the Panama Canal.  We work with a local agent there (http://www.panamacanaltransits.com), and ask you to deal directly with this canal transit agent.

Why consider Indigo for a long term skipper and 1st mate position?

Jan and Jo have owned 3 yachts before; yes, we know what it takes to keep a yacht 'ship-shape'.   We have gained experience on every single ocean, every continent and sailed mono-hulls and catamarans in all sizes.
We also speak English, French, Dutch and some German.  We have both run various businesses in different sectors, and know how important it is to run a smooth operation.  We run a very open accounting system; and you will get informed (via https://docs.google.com) every time we spend a dollar.
All in all, both of us have a strong initiative enabling us to operate independently, but at the same time we are both easy-going team players.